Housing loan

Reach for your dreams! A dream home, a dream motorcycle, a good education and more can be yours with Bank of Makati’s consumer loans.

Housing Loan

Get that dream home that you truly deserve. Ang inaasam na bahay, abot kamay!


  • Minimum loan amount of P300,000

  • Use the loan amount for the following:

    • Purchase of house and lot or condominium unit

    • House construction or house renovation

    • Refinancing of an existing mortgage with another lending institution acceptable to the Bank

    • Combination of loan purposes (shall be limited to the following) like purchase of a residential unit thereon and purchase of a residential unit with home improvements

    • Refinancing of a loan for lot purchase with construction of a residential unit thereon

  • Prevailing interest rate at the time of availment shall apply, to be repriced annually or on specified review periods

  • Term of 3 to 10 years

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